Nowness – Time Flies

This film is a criticism of conformity and a play with gender roles.
It is a moving artwork that reflects the oneness of humanity.

First premiered on Nowness:

Nominated at Festival Of Recorded Movement
Nominated at Sweden’s Short Film Festival.
Nominated at The Webby Awards for Best Art & Experimental Film.
Nominated at Höga Kusten Film Festival
Nominated at At The Fringe International Short Film Festival


Director: Fredrik Lund-Hansen
DOP: Fredrik Hvass
Produced by Swim Club
Line Producer: Sebastian Kriz
Color: Joel Thorstensson
Edit: Oscar Lund-Hansen
Art Director: Filip Kleremark
Dancer: Danny Axley
Dancer: Raymond Ejiofor
Dancer: Kenzie McClure
Dancer: Jasmine Albuquerque
Choreography: Jasmine Albuquerque
Stylist: Zoë Hennessey
PA: Daniel Lindqvist
PA: Cristoffer Jonsson
Makeup: Lena Östholm
Music: CFCF